Discover. Focus. Transform.

4 Sessions For Lifelong Change

An interactive, practical and quick intervention of behavioural assessment, change management and coaching that will help you define who you are, prioritizes what you want and outlines the steps needed to get there.

What Is @Me?

Self-development training that aligns your unique traits with your personal and professional goals to deliver a relatable action plan.

This highly interactive workshop uses coaching, behavioural assessments and change management techniques. It can jump-start your development journey with clarity and confident decision-making.

Why @Me?

In today’s world – one full of dynamic conflict, challenges and change – you are the only factor that remains constant. The more you know yourself, the better equipped you are to make decisions that will be beneficial, positive and more rewarding for you.

Whether you want to be a better leader, get more focus on your studying, or be intentional about your career advancement, @me exists to bring “you” to the center of your own personal dialogue and align your people’s autonomous development with your business goals.

There are many personal development programs out there, but @me is designed to provide individuals, leaders and employees with a transformation plan that is:

  • Personalized through behavioural assessment
  • Contextualized by aligning with personal or business goals  
  • Applicable by outlining a clear plan of action


Who Can Benefit

  • Professional & Middle Managers – Want to enjoy an acknowledged and successful career that brings satisfaction and happiness. @me will help them set the course by providing direction that will help them bring their best to the forefront. 
  • Students – Eager to make sense of life. Want to make school, life and career choices that will help them define who they are and help them realize their full potential. @me focuses on communications, decisions and skills, leading to improved self-awareness. 
  • Business Leaders & Founders – Aspire to achieve renowned success by leading their teams to fully engaged in their company’s progress. @me helps them reconnect and sets the course for growing more engaged, autonomous teams that will lead to the successful integration of work, life and relationships. 


  • Small Business – Determine leadership style and how that can help  translates into a successful growth plan. @me can also help with assembling engaged, passionate employees.
  • Teams and departments of medium to big enterprises – engaged, growth oriented and productive teams are not born, they’re built. @me can help determine the core values, the drivers behind behaviours, what’s needed for success and the best way to address conflict resolution among team members.
  • Family-Owned & Operated Businesses – Define individual work temperaments, role suitability, how to deal with conflict resolution among family members, core drivers for success and the importance of succession planning.  

Why @Me Is Different?

  • You leave with a personalized plan that jump-starts your options rather than a one-size-fits-all doctrine 
  • Customized, individual plan that’s aligned with personal, academic or professional goals
  • Fast and interactive – just four sessions
  • Structured merging of behavioural assessment, coaching and change management
  • Choose your level of interaction
    • One-on-one
    • With a cohort 
    • With team/family
  • Work with an experienced coach with recognized credentials in coaching, change management and organizational development
  • Utilizes globally ranked behavioural assessment tools

Features of @Me

  • Jump-starts individual transformation
  • Attendees leave with practical, ready-to-apply action plan
  • Provides objective and reliable self awareness
  • Reveals gaps, misconceptions and blind spots – particularly important for businesses as it helps with alignment towards organizational/team/task needs or values
  • Personalized, contextual experience – relates to who you are with what you or your business need
  • Incorporates situational leadership, constructive feedback, personal branding and other productive exercises

Our Process

Step One

Attend Introductory Session

Outline rules of engagement and initial goal setting.

Step Two

Conduct a Behavioral Assessment

Receive three detailed reports that reveal your natural communication style, your drivers and your skills development. The reports cover stressors, challenges and blind spots, perceptions, time-wasters and many more helpful pointers.

Step Three

Three coaching/debriefing sessions

Three interactive sessions to go through your report findings, understand them and reflect on them in light of who you are and what you want.

Step Four

Planning and Alignment Session

Put it all together and create an action plan that tries to answer a basic question: if this is me and that’s who I want to be, what should I be doing NOW?


Professionals & Middle Managers

  • Executive interview
  • High performing and functional teams
  • Career development plans
  • Bridging development gaps


  • Focused studies
  • Better career choices
  • Job search

Business Leaders & Founders

  • Situational leader 
  • Career pivoting – start a business, take early retirement
  • Progress plan – new habits, better control over life, enhanced communication, improved outlook, focus and productivity

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      @me Frequently Asked Questions

      Can @me help me pick a studying major?

      We can add a feature to your behavioral assessment that lists occupancies that potentially match your profile.The @me philosophy is that you are the only constant. It’s built to help you realize and make decisions and changes so you can get more out of your career, your studies or your relationships.

      How can @me help my business?

      @me can be customized for business (hyperlink to @me-for business) to align your people traits with your goals. This is particularly helpful when your business nature requires more autonomy and less micromanaging in how your people do their work.

      I want to join a cohort. Is my privacy protected?

      Absolutely. Not only that, but your data used in your behavioural assessment is protected through GDRP. You can choose what or if to share your findings and goals with the cohort.

      Anything you decide to share with us is also confidential as per the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.


      Can you customize an @me to match my team’s specific needs?

      Yes, we can agree that your team can add your specific needs to their list of goals and run a 3-stage business (hyperlink to @me-for business process) version for your team

      Should I do @me or coaching? What’s the difference?

      @me is intended to jump-start your progress plans. It has a defined structure, time and pace to give you the clarity needed to decide next steps and needs, which include coaching.

      Coaching by itself is a process that is run at your own pace, length, and direction. You dictate the terms in a coaching relationship while @me is a workshop with a definite start and end.

      Get started today. Let’s chat about how @me can help you.

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