Meet Shadi

Encouraging and empowering businesses and individuals to be their best, to achieve more, is one of the reasons I started CoCatalyze.

I started my career as an engineer, where I found a lot of satisfaction in working with others to drive efficiency and results. I soon discovered that detangling complex situations to achieve, share and sustain positive transformation was my real passion. 

Providing people with the confidence, courage and tools that will put them in control of their life and move them forward is an extremely rewarding experience for me as a business and life coach.

I encourage each of my clients – whether an individual or a business – to explore all options before making any major changes. I always work at a pace that’s comfortable for everyone involved, with relationships built on foundations of trust, integrity and respect.

Guidance and support are offered as needed along with identifying actionable goals that will help ensure a successful path to completion.

“You may know exactly what you’re looking for or you may be wondering what, how and if to change. Whatever the case may be, I’ll always provide a level of flexibility that allows you to freely explore your options and build trust in our journey together at your own pace. There’s never any pressure or obligation to move forward. My ultimate goal is to help you or your business succeed.”

Credentials of Coaching ICF 
Change Management PROSCI
Organizational Excellence CIPD

My Mission

Simply put, I want to help you get “unstuck” so you can drive better results for yourself, your team and your business.

I believe in unlocking and empowering human potential that will leave a profound and lasting impact on lives, leaders and organizations.

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