A personal-development workshop to connect your people’s passions with your business goals.

Your employees will map out personalized learning journeys that recognize both the needs of the organization as well as their own career-related interests.

Teams Self-Driven To Develop What Your Work Needs

Align people and team members with business goals 

Explore and redefine both personal and business relationships

Detangle and rearrange for more harmonious and successful outcomes

Our Process

Understand the business needs. Conduct strategy sessions with business owners and/or leaders to define and agree on common goals, culture, values or skills that are crucial for business.

Agree on and communicate a customized version of @me then define certain goals for all employees or per department/ teams.

Conduct @me sessions to help employees understand their traits and align this towards the agreed business goals in a well-defined progress plan.

Businesses conduct alignment sessions between employees and leaders to agree on development plans. At this stage, we can be invited to attend or contracted for coaching, team workshops or people’s leader workshops as needed. 

Contact Shadi to get started on a behavioural assessment for your team.

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© 2020 CoCatalyze & @me | All rights Reserved


© 2020 CoCatalyze & @me | All rights Reserved