Talent Solutions

A human approach to build, connect and inspire teams that work together for the success of your business

Enjoy the peace of mind of leading a happy, collaborative and productive workforce

We increase the effectiveness and improve the interpersonal dynamics of organizations by using behavioural assessments to
provide talent solutions that are personalized and business-related.


Behavioural assessments of both people and jobs are the building blocks that enable us to design solutions that understand needs, asses talent potentials and bridge the gap to the future.

By knowing what specific skills individuals have, what they are good at and what they enjoy doing, leaders can make informed decisions about development and how to inspire people to be more effective – both in their jobs and with other team members.

Knowing and bridging the gaps between where talents currently are and where they need to be help business leaders make the right decisions and set development plans to achieve successful engagement. There are three main “gaps”:


What’s needed to successfully fulfill a job, besides just the technical knowledge.


Form and sustain dynamic teams and productive workplace relations including departments and customers


Develop leaders’ natural styles to make the best of their people skills and management practices.

Talent Solutions Services

The human-centric nature of the solutions makes them scalable and fully integrated. The outcomes of any solution will be applicable in other areas when needed :


Job Benchmarks

  • Give your jobs a “voice” and define an objective behavioural reference for your talent development solutions.

Hire, Train & Maintain The Right Talent

  • Finding, hiring and keeping employees is both costly and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Your staff’s behavioural profiles help you understand their capabilities, drivers and individual preferences. This minimizes ambiguity while leading to constructive communication.
  • Job Gap reports provide you with visual and detailed comparisons between people’s behavioural profile and job profiles so you can make the most effective hiring and development decisions.

Team Development Workshops

  • Explore your team’s behavioural diversities, trends and blind-spots. 
  • Discover team dynamics and goals then work with your team leaders to develop individual and collective action plans.

Training People Leaders

  • Extend the capability of your leaders by understanding their natural leadership style and their people traits.
  • Develop the right leadership style to boost engagement, enhance productivity and develop potential successors.

Coaching & Customized @me

  • Based on the outcomes of profiles, workshops, job gap reports or leader recommendations, we can work with your talents in one-on-one coaching sessions or through customized @me sessions to help them define, plan and commit to developing their full potential.

Knowledge Transfer

  • We can also train and certify your HR team to execute, assess and implement all facets of the behavioural profile.

One Report , Endless Insights

Our Approach

Benefits of Talent Solutions

It gives your business and its positions a “voice” by objectively defining the reference points needed for talent hiring and development. It also serves your business and caters to people by aligning goals, ensuring productivity without sacrificing individuality.

With Talent Solutions
You Can:

  • Hire the right match
  • Promote the best talent 
  • Develop resilient leaders
  • Align and streamline teams


  • Better communication
  • Increased employment retention\
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased sales training & effectiveness
  • Development of situational people leaders
  • Reduced stress
  • Hiring accuracy (fewer “bad” hires)
  • Better engagement
  • Improved management effectiveness
  • Develop high potential employees
  • Better communication
  • Increased employment retention\
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased sales training & effectiveness
  • Development of situational people leaders

  • Reduced stress
  • Hiring accuracy (fewer “bad” hires)
  • Better engagement
  • Improved management effectiveness
  • Develop high potential employees

Why use Behavioural Assessments in hiring or development?

You know exactly what to look for. It allows you to express what behaviours, beliefs and skills are required.

You are aware of and can validate people’s potential and traits

You can see the gaps between people and jobs, leading to informed hiring, development and promotion.

You can tailor solutions to meet the needs of people and departments while creating functional teams with development plans, performance management, hiring and promotion decisions, team workshops, coaching.

Working With Shadi

I use globally recognized, reliable assessments from TTI Success Insights.

Assessments are scalable: through different offerings you can work for individuals, teams, projects or whole enterprises.

I draw on years of experience, so you get expert feedback and support to develop talent, HR and leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Behavioural Assessments are you using?

Shadi is an affiliate of TTISI, a globally recognized Behavioral assessment organization.

We have high turnover rates. How can behavioural assessment help?

High turnover is becoming second nature in today’s business. Using behavioural assessments helps your business take one factor out of this phenomenon and give your leaders and people a better chance to lead proactive, constructive discussions about their needs and aspirations

We use behavioral assessments in hiring. Why would I need them for my current employees?

You can use behavioural assessments to lead the development of leadership styles, unravel communication issues, understand drivers, plan skills development and many other fields that directly affect engagement and efficiency.

I have a small business, do these solutions work for me?

Absolutely! Small businesses can be more sensitive to the engagement of their employees and can benefit the most from hiring and developing the right talents with less guessing and repetition.

Should I hire based on behavioural assessments results?

A candidate’s behavioural assessment leads to a more informative interview because you know more about their drivers, style and skills as well as what you can work on together.

Do you help in the selection and interview process?

In addition to training your HR and leaders on reading and using the behavioural assessments, Shadi’s engagement in your hiring process can include comments on your candidates’ profiles and their Gap Report and highlights for the interviewer. Participating in behavioural interviews can be arranged separately as a Support Service

My employees work from home. Are behavioural assessments still valid?

Yes. The personal traits of your people are mostly constant and observable through all types of interactions including their productivity. That said, a Work From Home version of your employee reports can be generated to shed more light on the effects and needs of their behavioral profiles.

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