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Knowing the behavioural profiles of people, their leaders, and their jobs goes beyond successful employment and genuine engagement. It is at the core of your people’s story and stretches across your business impact and your customers’ experience.

Hire The Right Candidates

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Create A Behavioural Job Benchmark

  • Review and prioritize job descriptions to be in alignment with business needs.
  • Lead the subject matter experts to conduct a  behavioural assessment for the job.
  • Deliver a behavioural report for the Job.



Conduct Behavioural Assessments For All Or Shortlisted Candidates

  • Deliver a Comprehensive report for each candidate.
  • Deliver an executive report for each candidate illustrating their Style, Drivers and top Skills.



Gap Analysis

  • Deliver a gap report (comparing candidates against the job benchmark).
  • Provide customized commentaries and advice for hiring managers to optimize the interview and/or onboarding process

-Train hiring managers and HR on reading reports
– Certify HR team as behavioural assessment expert

Develop Current Employees

Companies can use behavioural assessments to enrich their performance management plans

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Conduct A Behavioural Job Benchmark

  • Requires reviewed and prioritized job description
  • Additional service: can create job description if one is not available



Conduct Behavioural Assessment For Employees

  • Get extended reports for each employee
  • Get gap reports (comparing employees against the job benchmark)


Debrief Leaders And Employees On Reading And Using Their Reports To Highlight Development Needs

– Follow up with employees and leaders on their development plans.
– Coach leaders and employees as part of development plan

Teams Efficiency

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Conduct Behavioural Assessment For All Team Members


Create A Team Report.


Conduct Team Debriefing Sessions

  • Session 1: Know Yourself
  • Session 2: Know Your Team


Follow Up For Team Targets And Development

Situational Leadership Development

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Conduct Behavioural Assessment For Leaders


Debrief Report For Leaders


Debrief The Basics Of Situational Leadership


Work With Leader To Assess Their People’s Developement Levels


Coach Leader To Develop Needed Leadership Style Or Skills

Frequently Asked Questions

What Behavioural Assessments are you using?

I’m an affiliate of TTISI, a globally recognized Behavioral assessment organization.

We have high turnover rates. How can behavioural assessment help?

High turnover is becoming second nature in today’s business. Using behavioural assessments helps your business take one factor out of this phenomenon and give your leaders and people a better chance to lead proactive, constructive discussions about their needs and aspirations

We use behavioral assessments in hiring. Why would I need them for my current employees?

You can use behavioural assessments to lead the development of leadership styles, unravel communication issues, understand drivers, plan skills development and many other fields that directly affect engagement and efficiency.

I have a small business, do these solutions work for me?

Absolutely! Small businesses can be more sensitive to the engagement of their employees and can benefit the most from hiring and developing the right talents with less guessing and repetition.

Should I hire based on behavioural assessments results?

A candidate’s behavioural assessment leads to a more informative interview because you know more about their drivers, style and skills as well as what you can work on together.

Do you help in the selection and interview process?

In addition to training your HR and leaders on reading and using the behavioural assessments, Shadi’s engagement in your hiring process can include comments on your candidates’ profiles and their Gap Report and highlights for the interviewer. Participating in behavioural interviews can be arranged separately as a Support Service

My employees work from home. Are behavioural assessments still valid?

Yes. The personal traits of your people are mostly constant and observable through all types of interactions including their productivity. That said, a Work From Home version of your employee reports can be generated to shed more light on the effects and needs of their behavioral profiles.

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